Grievance concerns

Occasionally, AEL members find themselves challenged regarding their performance in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The source and nature or format of a challenge are two variables determining AEL's strategy in pursuit of fair and equitable resolution. The Grievance Committee delivers a form of peer review and provides crucial assistance to AEL’s legal counsel in developing appropriate strategies and arguments in defense. Sometimes, certain situations involving one member affects other members as a class in which instance AEL serves as plaintiff. In either instance members' experience and insights are important for determining AEL's role and actions.

contact for Grievance concerns

Amy Hussey, Assistant Principal
Chesapeake Bay Middle School

LEgal Council & Advice

AEL offers its members numerous professional & personal services...

The core service is collective bargaining. Through formal negotiations with the Anne Arundel County Board of Education AEL provides all Unit 2 members with certain services related to salaries, wages and working conditions.

Legal counsel, advice and support

Richard Kovelant, Kovelant & Kovelant
Office: 410-897-0747

Legal counsel, advice and support from veteran professionals, and assistance for job-related professional improvement and concerns are essential for leadership growth and effectiveness.

AEL provides its members with access to a variety of personal benefits not negotiated with the Board of Education and not available to non-AEL Unit 2 members. These products and services generally originate within the private, for profit, sector. As arrangements are made with service providers they will be announced and made part of your website.

Every AEL member has an inherent responsibility to convey all aspects and dimensions of effective schools to whomever can join us as partners. Such efforts help to assure that AEL’s stated mission and purposes on behalf of children are achieved and protected. Certain constituencies and certain needs require a central AEL voice for which AEL leadership and Executive Director are primary spokespersons.

In addition, AEL’s Executive Committee appoints representatives to a variety of standing and ad hoc opportunities to facilitate AEL’s interests and expertise. Meetings with the superintendent on a variety of policy and procedural matters, legislative initiatives at both the county and state levels, and coalitions of educational organizations where larger voices and unity of interests are needed are examples of how AEL’s voice is heard.