Internal governance

AEL is an association of professional educational leadership managed and directed by AEL members.

All officers, board members and committee members are active AEL members elected by AEL members in accordance with AEL By-Laws.

Traditionally, AEL has been governed by five officers and three At-large Directors. At its Annual Meeting in June, 2008, the members amended the By-laws to add 14 Representative Directors more than doubling the size of AEL’s Governing Board.

These 14 are elected by and represent specific groups of AEL members:

Two (2) from the curriculum and instructional supervisors and coordinators (non-building administrators) and twelve (12) representing each of the high school cluster or feeder systems; that is, each high school and its middle and elementary cluster or feeder schools.

AEL has long prided itself as a “member-driven” organization.

Accelerating job demands, weakened opportunities for members to access each other to share professional strategies and techniques, heightened awareness of socioeconomic and political dynamics that influence the schooling environment, and other factors make timely, accurate, and effective two-way communications between members and leadership more important than ever. The linkages represented by this change in the Governing Board should help AEL sustain its key role in delivering quality educational opportunities to every child.