what is ael?

mission statement.

The Association of Educational Leaders exists to ensure all Unit II employees are fairly and equitably treated in the course of their employment.

We commit to accomplishing this mission on behalf of Unit II employees by ensuring:

1. Adherence to our Negotiated Agreement.

2. All Unit II employees are adequately and equitably compensated for their responsibilities and work load.

3. Personal and professional needs shall be respected.

4. Fair, consistent and equitable practices shall be adhered to when dealing with hiring, promotions, assignments and evaluations.

5. Fair, consistent, equitable practices in dealing with matter relating to discipline and conflict resolution.

6. Fair, consistent, equitable practices in resolving school and community conflicts.

Only Unit 2 employees can become members of AEL.
AEL is the collective bargaining agent for Unit 2.

AEL is a stand-alone association; that is, membership does not require membership in other dues-paying organizations.

However, AEL does provide member-exclusive, convenient access to other associations with direct links on this site affordable through payroll deduction. AEL plays a central role in the formation, development, and implementation of Board of Education initiatives including those targeting student achievement, individual school performance, and professional staff performance standards, appraisal and accountability.

Additionally, AEL leadership constantly strives to grow its members' exclusive benefits and services through:
  • Legal counsel and support for both employee related and personal matters including federal and state law and fair and equitable administration of Board policy and administrative procedures;
  • Professional administration and management of Association business;
  • Alignment with other local and statewide associations to initiate and promote public school legislative initiatives, enhance school safety and security, and achieve other educational goals of mutual interest.
  • Expansion of AEL's Educational Partnerships to enhance members' opportunities for professional growth and development; and
  • Growing AEL's Professional Partnerships that include both services to schools and children and families and benefits which add financial security and protection opportunities for AEL members and their families.

Who we Represent?

unit 2 employees

The Board of Education of Anne Arundel County categorizes most of its staff and employees into “units” defined primarily by similar job classifications or responsibilities.

The Association of Educational Leaders is the recognized collective bargaining agent for the Board designated Unit 2 composed of:
  • Instructional and Curriculum Supervisors and Coordinators
  • Elementary, Middle and High School and Special School Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Administrative Interns and Trainees

The Association of Educational Leaders takes great pride in its key role as the leadership backbone of the educational process for children and youth. AEL recognizes that a core responsibility of leadership is creating and sustaining a school climate that allows the heart of education-classroom teachers and all instructional support personnel-maximum opportunity to deliver quality services.

We are recognized by the Board of Education.
AEL is recognized by the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County as a formal collective bargaining unit for both economic and working conditions issues.