Tentative Agreement for Fiscal Year 2018

AEL and the Board of Education has reached a tentative agreement for the FY18 school year. The agreement includes a modest increase in health care premiums and a step for all eligible members or a 1% cola for those without a step. A ratification meeting will be held on Thursday May 18, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Severna Park Middle School cafeteria. Complete details of the agreement will be available on Thursday.

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Your professional leave days must be used before the end of August and of course can be used on Code Blue Days (doesn't look like there are going to be any of those), work days during spring break, and applied to Fridays during the four-day work week period during the summer. In order to apply the professional leave days during the summer, you must be sure to notify HR when they ask, that you choose to work a regular work day schedule during the summer, NOT the extended work day schedule. Then you can apply the days you have left. Of course, you will have to use annual leave days for any Fridays during the four-day work week period not covered by your remaining professional leave days. Remember, use them or lose them.


When is Enough, Enough?

During the many months of negotiations, followed by the contested impasse mediation, the Board of Education insisted the school system only had enough funding to afford a one-step advancement on the salary scale for eligible Unit II employees. The end result revealed this was not true. Unit II employees were given a .97% COLA in order to compensate everyone in Unit II. In the meantime, the Board of Education awarded the Superintendent and his Executive Staff (Unit VI) a 2% COLA for the second year in a row. Incidentally, members of the Executive Staff sit on the Board of Education’s negotiating team and continue to assert there is no additional money available to compensate its “Valued” Unit II administrators and coordinators.

To add insult to injury, the Board of Education now is insisting the cost of our prescription plan be increased in an attempt to off-set a huge deficit in the AACPS health care fund balance; a deficit they created. The deficit resulted from the decision made by the County Council allowing the Board of Education to underfund health care in order to pay for employee compensation. It’s the old “Rob Peter to pay Paul” routine. Now we are threatened with furloughs and R.I.F.’s if we don’t agree to this increase.

The Board of Education’s recognition of the “Valued” Unit II employees certainly has not resulted in fair compensation. More importantly, it has not resulted in an honest negotiating process! AEL has continued to participate in a process required by law with an employer that has, by its actions, compromised the collective bargaining model. While our remedies may be limited, we need to meet as a group to address this breach of trust.

To hear more about the health care fund issue, AEL is holding a meeting 5:30 P.M., FEBRUARY 16, 2017, AT SEVERNA PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL, 450 JUMPERS HOLE ROAD, SEVERNA PARK, MD. We look forward to seeing you there.

current news

AEL REACHES AGREEMENT WITH BOARD OVER HEALTH CARE After exhaustive negotiations last year, AEL had to return to the table when the Unit II request for an additional step was not met; the County Council, unfortunately, did not provide the funding. A contingency fund of 7.3million dollars was created by the County Executive to help offset raising health care costs. A plan had to be formulated as to how this fund would be utilized. All bargaining groups agreed to a Health Care Holiday, to begin January 1st and continue until the fund was depleted. AEL conducted a ratification survey of all Unit II members. The Plan was accepted by over 90% of the members voting. After the funds run out, deductions will be taken once again from paychecks. There are exceptions, however. The holiday only applies to Unit II members currently enrolled in Triple Option or HMO.

executive board

The Executive Board conducts the business of AEL as proscribed by the By-laws of the Association.

As a result of a By-law change approved by the membership in June, 2008, the Executive Board will more than double in size with the addition of 14 Representative Directors; two elected by and representing non-building administrators and one each elected by and representing the 12 high school cluster or feeder systems.

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Climate Survey Results

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If you are thinking about retiring at the end of the school year, or if you have made that decision, please read the memorandum regarding how many at each level would receive incentives for making that decision.

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AEL Executive Board Meeting Schedule:

All meetings will be held at the AEL Office at 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

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